FS2 – Double Dash Playstyle Conceptualization

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FS2 – Advance Screen Guide
CT (preferred) /PF, C (with SP Pass); PG, DG; SG. DG
CT+SG+PG/ CT+DG+DG (two Baseball Passes)
First game team: PG: JoesKitty + SG: Gohhoria +CT: Hollywood (known as ShaqoNeal, the C)
Traditional dash play is always pg passing and big man screening, we should all know how to do and defend that by far, called the “Old Dash”. In high-end game like the tournaments, it’s harder to crack the defense. And because pg is holding the ball to wait for sg’s dash, pg’s speed and stamina advantage is not fully utilized. So that, the whole offense efficiency is constraint to sg’s dash quality. (including screen efficiency and timing)
Thanks to the renovating new postion, Control Tower (CT), with gifts of passing and holding skills, can do PG’s job instead. It enlightened me that PG can be set free from holding balls in dash and be the screener for dash. This makes sense because pg have higher stamina and speed, which means more screens frequency and position changing possibility (by saying this, i mean using SHIFT to dash to the screen place and confuse the defender). Even use SHIFT to catch screen twice or dash itself is feasible. We call it the “New Dash”.
Together, we call it the Double Dash playstyle. In a word, it’s like an ultimate nuclear weapon, great but difficult to handle at first.
Mix new dash with old dash, not only from the start of every round(ball?) but also in the middle of an offesen or secondary offense. (Getting rebound and doing new dash immediately) Not to mention we can also combine the Double Dash playstyle with Jump Pass and other skills. (need improvement here!!!)
The whole game offense efficiency will raise to a new higher level, both the chance of 3 pointers and successful no mark rate.
A huge consumption to defender’s concentration and energy, gaining systemetic advantage in long-run game.
Less stole by opponet’s PG because now CT is holding ball.
Run out defender’s stamina way much faster.
Give CT more open 1v1 chance to do manual layup.
CT need to have good teamwork and passing intuitive, basically, be as a taller PG.
CT’s Low Block might be a problem, especially in a long series. So recommend to practice block and equip cards with “Munual Block Range” substats.
More difficult for rookies with bad understanding of teamwork to handle.
PG need to shoot in every free 3 like a SG, which means more 3 point attributes is needed.
a. PG/SG Jump Pass and then do the New Dash immediately.
b. PG use SHIFT to run to different place (free zone for sure) with SG’s dash at the same time after the screen. It’s like a bomber bomb to everywhere and CT decide which one to pass on free-basis or manual layup itself.
c. Screen for SG’s Back Spin Roll
d. The decision of New Dash and Old Dash should be in contrast with defender’s expectation always, which means the team should be able to change accordingly in defferent rounds and always avoid using the same dash all the time.
e. When SG get the ball after dash, he should see if pg have better shooting than him and pass back directly to PG or through CT.
f. SG, instead of dashing to free 3-point zone, dashes to the paint and ask for Alley Pass from CT. (This highlights was originally come out by ShaqoNeal) Similarly, when opponents defenders trying to defend SG’s dash, PG can dash (using SHIFT) to the paint and ask for Alley Pass from CT as well or swing and layup, while CT holds ball and remains in the 45 degree mid-range zone all the time.
How to Defense Double Dash?
Blocker should always keep aware of who will actually make the shoot. (Need improvements via hand-on experience!!!)
How to Understand (Dash) Screen? (for Rookies)
Contrary to common belief, screen is not standing there and wish your screen could stop your defenders. In order to “freeze” the defenders for the scorer, you need more than just standing there. First, always screen between the defender and the possible 3-point free zone for scorer. It’s also a guidance(hint) for scorer to dash to that free zone with more confidence of making free shoot. You even can use SHIFT and leverage your running speed advantage to screen twice, especially when you are small and the defender is big. If the defender are not “freezed” and you cannot use SHIFT to screen twice, then just dash yourself to diffrent location, you get a higher chance of confusing your defenders and possibly the scorer can get free shooting chances. Always remember, your job is giving the scorer free shooting chances, so do whatever helps, play smart. This is one of the fun of this game.
Watch this tournament replay by Team Alphabet (GNMLGB!!!) from 1’40”: see how ST006 move and screen
CT+DG+DG? WTH is that? Could be the Most Unpredictable Playstyle by now!
Two person can dash and baseball and dive catch and steal and swing (floater), there is a huge possibilities. (need improvements!!!)
Sample Play: [프리스타일2] 한중대항전 결승전 Attention vs Project Away
May 25, 2014
Sample two is combined with the passer’s screen after pass to sg, very structured play
My gift with love to the FS2 World.
Originated by JoesKitty – Qiao Zhang